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Crunch Time – and how to survive it.

So I had this paper due. Well, let’s be honest: overdue. For the third time overdue. Hence, this time it really HAD to get done. Since I spent the weekend in Freiburg on Family business (with no work getting done), it was down to Monday and Tuesday, and I was scared. More precisely: panicked. But […]
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How to get your iPhone unlocked – and make your own micro sim

So I am one of the many tortured AT&T customers. Generally I am on the phone with them once a month, either because they overbill, or say one thing and do another, or just generally mess things up. As you will see, sometimes that works to your advantage. First tip: the reduced rate suspension. This […]
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the infamous kochklub – or, how to make too much food and eat it, too

So these three great friends of mine and I initiated a kochklub, a cooking club. Originally one of these friends cooked for two of the others since they were leaving to study abroad in London. This was 1999… Upon their return, the cooking was established as a regular thing. The rules (of course there are […]
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archivePad – the good, the bad and the ugly

  Honestly – I bought the iPad 3 this year mostly because it is the apple product I didn’t own yet. But I wanted to use it for reading PDFs and marking them up with a pen (or stylus as they like to call it) as I go. With my set up between good reader, […]
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My first blogsy post

So this will be interesting. This is a very short blog post, mainly designed to test blogsy, the app for the iPad for remote blog publishing. Rated highly, the app promises easy drag and drop editing, and publishing from anywhere you and your iPad are having a good time. I will try to add an […]
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workflow – for the mac. some hints for pc.

[UPDATE: I have added and changed a few things here after working with the apps for a while now. Mostly I would say I cannot image life anymore without Dropbox, and Devonthink is an amazing power tool for anything relating to research, especially since I imported all my archival material and OCR’d it. Evernote still […]
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my favorite iPad apps

As I said, I am a recent iPad convert (iPad 3, preordered on launch day…. greedy. I know. bought the WiFi 32GB model.) So here is a list of my (so far) favorite iPad apps. First of all: get dropbox. Dropbox is a lifesaver, and I am not exaggerating. Install dropbox app on ipad (free). […]
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I just discovered omnifocus. I know, it’s been around for a long time, but I am just getting into the iPad mania, and have developed an interest in all things workflow – now centered around writing (yes, the days or 3D renderings are over. for now). I have to say, omnifocus is genius. And yes, […]
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