I just discovered omnifocus. I know, it’s been around for a long time, but I am just getting into the iPad mania, and have developed an interest in all things workflow – now centered around writing (yes, the days or 3D renderings are over. for now).

I have to say, omnifocus is genius. And yes, I might have too many programs by now organizing the work that I will or will not do – but this one helps. It’s a task manager, and it looks simple, but is very powerful. I do use Evernote, to generally collect snippets and thoughts for my various projects, but I find it less ideal to process task lists and sort them in a useful way. BUT, yes, a big but, Evernote works great TOGETHER with omnifocus! If you make a list in omnifocus, and add an action/to do item, you can just drag and drop an Evernote note onto the item, and it will create a link. Hence: list in omnifocus, content and bulky data in Evernote.

I probably should mention that Omnifocus has a genius iPad app. It’s simple, it’s beautiful, it’s better than the desktop version. And it syncs – via the omnigroup server, or via a WebDav platform, not yet via iCloud or Dropbox, but they say they are working on it. Let’s hope so – I like to keep my stuff where I can see it.

One problem that Omnifocus has, after all, is the price. It’s 79.99$ (regular price), but if you are a student like me, you can get it for half in the omni education store The iPad app was just slashed down from 39.99$ to 19.99$ (rightfully so) – which iis definitely worth the money. And might be all you need!

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  1. By my favorite iPad apps on June 13, 2012 at 2:35 pm

    […] omnifocus: from the good people at the omni group. it’s a task manager, and you will see, you need it. It is also modeled after the hit book “Getting Things Done” – haven’t read it myself, but it has, apparently, quite a following. I love the app, it’s great, it’s helpful, and it’s purple, what more can you ask for. […]

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