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Disappearing Subjects and Material Objects – Part II

As a child I tried to find out how to become invisible. Watching a fly and being unable to catch it, I tried to convince myself that if I could only move fast enough, I would be invisible. Invisible to the perception of a certain subject, of course—while objects would remain stable. Wouldn’t they? This dichotomy […]
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Disappearing Subjects and Material Objects

As I am writing away on my dissertation, I stumbled across my old projects from the MSAAD days at Columbia in 2008/2009. The question of the subject and the object, and how they are both constructed and made to disappear is central in my work. Here is a sampling from some visual experiments I made […]
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Things that happen in the Margins of Academic CV’s (aka “Life”)

I haven’t written anything here in a long time. Over a year, to be precise, and while I have been online a lot (a LOT) during that year, I have spent most energy offline: life happened. And it is precisely here where where life happens: in the spaces for productivity that remain temporarily empty. The […]
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Radical Pedagogies at the Venice Biennale

Our collaborative research Radical Pedagogies has been awarded a Special Mention for contributing to the section Monditalia at the 14th International Architecture Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia, directed by Rem Koolhaas! The Motivation by the Jury of the Biennale Awards: For the Monditalia section A Special mention goes to Radical Pedagogies: ACTION-REACTION-INTERACTION The project […]
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Wing it: give your Macbook Air finally its wings! (Read: a new SSD by OWC)

The Problem: Macbook Air (late 2010) with only 64GB When I bought my Macbook Air in late 2010, I thought I would use it as a portable typewriter, hence would not need a big hard drive (or rather, solid state drive). I went for the 64gb model, and with Dropbox and its select sync function […]
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Roadtripping – and which apps save your sanity

This is a bit belated, but in January it seems like a bit of holiday reporting might fight the new year’s depression. Hence: I went on a road trip (last year). The second half, so to speak, since I drove from New York to Chicago and back a few years ago. Now I drove from […]
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Crunch Time – and how to survive it.

So I had this paper due. Well, let’s be honest: overdue. For the third time overdue. Hence, this time it really HAD to get done. Since I spent the weekend in Freiburg on Family business (with no work getting done), it was down to Monday and Tuesday, and I was scared. More precisely: panicked. But […]
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How to get your iPhone unlocked – and make your own micro sim

So I am one of the many tortured AT&T customers. Generally I am on the phone with them once a month, either because they overbill, or say one thing and do another, or just generally mess things up. As you will see, sometimes that works to your advantage. First tip: the reduced rate suspension. This […]
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And – Action! (or what you can use olive oil for, as well)

So after describing to you guys how my beautiful new coffee machine is oh so great, I have to admit, I needed advice. Hence, what follows will be the conversations I am currently having with the guys at, who seem to be more into the machines than their makers…. the people at, the makers […]
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The Olympic Coffee Games – or: welcome to coffee geek world

My father had bought a Swiss espresso machine back in the eighties, when hipsters had no clue what a lever machine is or how important the grinding and tampering is for crema (or, for that matter, what crema is). He paid something like 800,- DM for it, which was quite outrageous, but just as he […]
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