And – Action! (or what you can use olive oil for, as well)

So after describing to you guys how my beautiful new coffee machine is oh so great, I have to admit, I needed advice. Hence, what follows will be the conversations I am currently having with the guys at, who seem to be more into the machines than their makers…. the people at, the makers of it, which I contacted first, were very nice and basically told me not to worry about it but maybe consider a maintenance service, but were unable to tell me who does those things around here.

So after watching several youtube videos and reading forum posts, I emailed orphanespresso. The answer will be posted as soon as I get one…


ME asking THEM:

Hi, fellow coffee lovers,
I have recently inherited my father’s 1982 Cremina, and have started to look into it a bit more closely. While my father treated his machine with care and respect, I don’t think he ever lubricated anything etc.
Since I love it, and want to take care of it, I was hoping you might be able to help regarding a few questions.
PS: the machine works, doesn’t leak, just the lever was moving rather difficult (see below).

Group head hole / Picture 1:
I attached an image of the group head – I couldn’t remove the pins yet (don’t have the tool yet), but they did move, and I lubricated them a bit to prevent that terrbile wear out of the hole that you describe on your site… Can you tell from my picture if it is already worn out too much?

Tube stuck to Group / Picture 2:Today I screwed off the group in order to clean the screen and lubricate the piston, but was surprised, since not only the group came off, but also the tube that goes i don’t know where. I assume that the gasket has stuck to the group? But if you can give me a hint of what to do with this? or if it is dangerous to keep it how it is now?

Gasked and seeve:
I popped out the screen, which has some sort of clips – and doesn’t seem to be held in place by a gasket – is that normal for that machine? There is a gasket around the piston shaft, but it is basically behind the seeve… so the popping out was easy, and the cleaning was totally necessary – now the seeve has actually holes!

Piston Shaft:
The Piston shaft was thank god very clean, except for a rim of coffee residue at the very bottom, but was very hard to move. I have to admit, I lubricated in my desperation with a little drop of olive oil, and the piston moves like a charm now – but did I destroy something with that?

Sorry to impose like that – but I just wanted advice, and you seem to be THE experts!!

Thank you so much for your time,

Anna-Maria Meister

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